Big-Guy-basic-logo-2-300x168The Big Guy In The Sky is a musical in development which will start out as a cabaret performance and be developed into a larger theatrical piece.
It is a fantasy about Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Ethel Merman on the road in Purgatory trying to find the Pearly Gates to get into Heaven. They are stuck on a tour of one night stands when they come across a 1930’s style Speakeasy roadhouse called THE BIG GUY IN THE SKY…which is right next to The Pearly Gates…which are locked. The Big Guy took the key and left. Duke Ellington and The Big Guy Big Band welcome the quartet of performers and explain the only way to get into heaven is to fly over the Pearly Gates. You need to earn your wings to do this. Their task:
Pass on their unique talents to one person on Earth who can keep their style, wit, glamour and pizzaz alive in a graying world.
They are handed Harold, a geeky UPS delivery man as the student. This is the story of how they teach him about performing and life…and how he is transformed from a gawky, klutzy, unsure of himself boy into a mesmerizing, sexy leading man.
The musical is especially geared to clever dancing numbers as we watch the Iconic pros teach the young intern their tricks and passions.

Here is a link to a presentation explaining the concept:

I am using this site to store demos of the songs of the show for singers I am auditioning by putting up videos of the music tracks with the lyrics in sync with the melodies for the singers to learn the songs. I’ve never tried this before, but it seems like an interesting idea.
BOY TOY is sung by HAROLD, the boy who starts off as a UPS delivery boy and becomes a huge Leading man. Along the way he is seduced by ALEXIS, the wife of the man who owns a LAs Vegas Showroom called THE BIG SHOWROOM. ALEXIS is 45, stunning trophy wife with a fascinating and dark past which HAROLD discovers and explains in this song. The song is very Jacques Brelesque.
SING! is sung by Ethel Merman who takes HAROLD under her wing to protect him from all the pitfalls of Show Biz. In this number she teaches him to sing.

BRING BACK SWING! is sung by Duke Ellington with The Big Guy In The Sky’s Big Band
It informs the performers of what they are to do to get their wings.

SHOWGIRLS! is sung by CINDY, one of the showgirls who takes a fancy to HAROLD…and eventually winds up with him after he gets over ALEXIS. The song is a tribute to the art of being a showgirl.

DISCO JOE is HAROLD’S big production number in which he dances the story of a Saturday Night Fever character who is discovered in a club in brooklyn , is taken to Hollywood and becomes a star…and then is discarded and returned a few years later to the same club…as a has been.

I’VE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE is a song for SINATRA. He is still carrying a torch for Ava Gardner and wants to find out if she’s in heaven. The road he’s speaking about in the song is to the END OF THE ROAD…Hell.

LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! is sung by everybody and is the message from the Big Guy which explains why he wanted them to pass on their talents to someone on Earth who would pass it on to others.

THE ONLY SONG I SING is a kind of answer song for Killing Me Softly…it is how the performer feels on stage when he sings to someone special.

More of the songs will be put up in the near future. (edit)