Let My People Come, a sexual musical. It was an international hit in the 70’s and 80’s, received a Grammy nomination, and was a truly outrageous silly and moving look at the sexual revolution.

I am best known for writing “Let My People Come”, a sexual musical. It was an international hit in the 70’s and 80’s, received a Grammy nomination, and was a truly outrageous silly and moving look at the sexual revolution. You can listen to the Grammy-Nominated [ Best Score from Original Cast Album ] album at I’ll be archiving how we re-create and update this outrageous classic from the 70’s in video and on my blog…and telling some of the funny things that happened with the show. We’ll be developing a “party” version which will be performed in clubs…it will be wild, unexpected…and great fun.

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LET MY PEOPLE COME, A Sexual Musical…is a unique musical revue that I wrote in the summer of 1973 on a dare. The Show’s original producer and director, Phillip Oesterman dared me to write a revue about sex…that had really explicit songs. I told him I didn’t think I could do it. “I’m not that kind of guy,” I insisted innocently.
He disagreed. He said he believed the time was right to produce a musical reflecting the new open and honest attitude about sex that all the young people were enjoying. I was 30 years old, and I felt part of the sexual revolution so I understood the sentiment.But could I write explicit lyrics? What would my parents think? Would I ruin my nice clean reputation?
“Sit down and write the most honest sexual song you can think of…use all the four letter words you’d never use in a song…Let’s see if you can do it. I know this will be the biggest off-Broadway musical ever if we do it right. Someone is going to do it… Let it be us. Get to work, I’ll call you back in half an hour.”
I did what he asked. To my amazement, I accomplished the task easily and quickly. When I played him the song a few hours later, he was ecstatic. “That’s GREAT!”, he exclaimed. “I knew you could do it!”
The song was based upon a real experience I’d had…one that every man would love to have…an act of love provided by a sexual female who really wanted to make me happy.
The song was,”Come In My Mouth”. You can hear it along with the original Grammy-nominated cast album at:

for more info goto:

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Let-My-People-Come-Poster-April-2013-223x300LET MY PEOPLE COME at the Underground NYC
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