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Christopher, The Columbus You Never Knew is a fun and tuneful look at the journey and personal life of Christopher Columbus.

Christopher, The Columbus You Never Knew is a fun and tuneful look at the journey and personal life of Christopher Columbus. I am promoting it currently as a concert because I think the songs stand on their own. The show was done in conjunction with the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of The New World off-Broadway in New York and in Mexico City [ in Spanish ]. For more info on licensing or booking this show, contact me at Listen to the audio clips. They were recorded with a 40-piece orchestra in Mexico City.

Press Release: Zack Dobbins [in the video below] will be performing a cabaret version of this show on Feb 18, 2013 at The Metropolitan Room in NYC.
CHRISTOPHER, The Columbus You Never Knew is a musical that tells the story of Columbus’ preperation to make his grand discovery of the new world. It tells of his dedication and intensity to secure the vessels and money required to make the journey. The original score is lush and romantic…and funny because Christopher was a master manipulator. We are creating a concert version of this musical for 3 performers that can play cabaret venues to start and concert halls to follow. The concert may also be developed for a larger cast and can be done as a full musical. The music was recorded originally with a 40 piece orchestra and the talented David Carroll [from CHESS] played Columbus. Zack Dobbins will be performing the role of Christopher in our new presentation. The other two roles will be played by Broadway regulars…to be announced.  Here is a short video of Zack doing one of the songs from the show called The Best I Can Be.
You can listen to some of the music at:

Christopher, The Columbus You Never Knew [ A Musical ] by earlwilsonjr on SoundCloud – Create, record and share your sounds for free
The show can be licensed through the author [me] by contacting me at


Christopher at the Metropolitan Room

Meet Zack Dobbins the star of Christopher, The Columbus You Never Knew a 3 person concert in development. Heather Curran and T. Oliver Reid fill out the presentation of this incredibly passionate look at Christopher Columbus’ interior journey to convince the powers that be…that he could go west to get east. Here are several of the songs in development of the show. For more info look at the other page on this blog [Christopher The Columbus You Never Knew]

Opening Segment:

Torq’s Song: T. Oliver Reid  sings the role of Torquemada, Head of The Inquisition…not one of Christopher’s admirers.

A Man Like You: Heather Curran sings Christopher’s mistress response to seeing how seemingly impossible it is fro Christopher to get any support.

Our Little Arrangement: Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand explain their marriage

On The Sea: Christopher seduces Queen Isabella

Dirty Old Man: King Ferdinand explains his major hobby.

Lost: Christopher at low ebb.:

The Best I Can Be: Christopher about to set sail.